Let's go over the options and design choices for our customized tumblers


The coverage is mostly personal preference.

Full coverage - Select this if you want the cup cully covered. 

Bottom exposed - Only the bottom of the cup is left undecorated. If you accidentally drop it, the most common place for your cup to get hit is on the bottom. The design on the cup is less likely to be harmed.

Top exposed - The rim around the top is left undecorated.

Both exposed - The top and bottom rim of the cup are left undecorated.


Standard Designs

*Base pricing includes any one of the following background styles, plus one 3" decal (vinyl or printed image) in any color of your choice.

1-2 Glitter colors - Choose up to two glitter colors.

2 Color gradient - This can be either paint or glitter. The colors start at opposite ends, and blend together in the center. (Some folks may refer to this as an ombre)

3 Color hydrodip - Hydrodipping involves spraying oil-based paints into a basin of water, and then rolling the cup into the paint that floats on top. The result is a colorful, water-marbled effect. No two dips are ever the same!

Alcohol ink - Alcohol ink is a versatile medium that is similar to working with watercolor paints, but they're generally much more saturated than watercolors are.

Wood grain - Ink is brushed on to resemble real wood.

Galaxy - White paint is first sprayed on, to give the illusion of dust clouds. Then, blue and purple inks are sponged on. Finally, to bring the galaxy to life, we add a bit of extra sparkle to mimic the stars.

Premium Designs


Peek-a-boo - This utilizes (temporary) masks to reveal a layer underneath. There are several ways to use this technique, and it's always fun to work with.

Split - If you have different ideas that are going on a cup, but wish to separate them out, doing a split design is the way to go!

Crackle - The crackle effect is similar to the look of a rustic, painted fence.

Stripes - These are thick, horizontal or vertical bands that extend along the length of the cup.

Marble - This adds a realistic marble look to your cup, just like a marble countertop.

Film strip - If you have lots of photos you’re wanting to put on your cup, consider this design.

Photo collage - This is another technique that incorporates many photos.

Waterslide wrap - Some designs and photos need to be printed as one sheet. Waterslide is a thin, flexible medium, that is similar to how temporary tattoos work.

Milkyway - Multiple glitter colors are sprinkled on diagonally, with 2-3 color glazes drizzled on in a similar manner. This ethereal technique has lots of sparkle and depth.

Aurora Borealis - This design resembles the Northern Lights. It’s very pretty!

Geometric - This uses geometric shapes that touch.

Custom - Got a wild idea in mind? Go custom!

If you’re not sure what you need, or need to discuss design details, please get in touch with us. Email


These are the types of decals we do;

Vinyl decal



Printed image

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