Sun Conure V1
Sun Conure V1

Conure Vinyl Decals

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Species or Mutation
Sun Conure V1
Sun Conure V2
Jenday Conure V1
Jenday Conure V2
Blue Crowned Conure (V1 Beak)
Blue Crowned Conure (V2 Beak)
Black Capped Conure
Painted Conure
Nanday Conure
Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure
Green Cheek Conure

Do Conures control your life? If so, then this is the decal for you! Decal is approximately 4" in size. 

I use high quality, glossy Oracal vinyl. The regular colors are rated to last 6 years outdoors, and the holographic and metallic colors are rated 3-4 years outdoors. If used indoors and treated with care, your decals will last a long time!

Decal is removable, but not reusable. Decals adhere best to clean, smooth surfaces. A practice decal and installation instructions are included.

Where can I install my decal?

  • Windows
  • Cups, stainless steel tumblers, water bottles (Do NOT microwave. Hand wash only)
  • Bottom of your glass cutting board (the cut must be reversed for this)
  • Ceramic mugs (Do NOT microwave. Hand wash only)
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Clipboard
  • On your mailbox
  • Treat containers and other plastic storage (Hand wash only)
  • Pencil or makeup brush cup

The colors displayed may vary due to monitors' individual color display settings.

Apple/Macbook not included. It is just a prop to show approximate size.

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